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Police Vehicles

New South Wales

Roads and Maritime Services NSW is currently revising it's Accredited Escort Vehicle Drivers, until these changes are put into place, NSW Police continue carry out Escort Duties

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, OSOM Escorts are provided by private companies.

Information on becoming a NT Accredited OSOM Escort can be found on the NT

Government Website:


Contact Queensland Police:

P:   1300 077 020


South Australia

Contact South Australia Police: 

NHVR Compliance Vehicle (Vic).jpg


OSOM Escorts are provided by NHVR Enforcemant Officers

Contact NHVR: 

P:  0417 091 454


Western Australia

OSOM Escorts are provided by Main Roads in Western Australia

Contact Main Roads WA:

P:  13 84 86


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