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  • Aussie Road Pilots provides Road Pilot/Escort Services throughout Australia.   Employing only Accredited Pilot/Escort Drivers for oversize, overmass, long and high loads either local, Intra-state or Inter-state.


  • Committed to providing excellent service to all our customers.



  • It is our vision for our customers to recognise Aussie Road Pilots as the industry leader for providing Pilot/Escort Services Anytime, Anywhere, Australia wide......

  • It is our goal to accomplish a professional standard in the Australian Transport Industry by providing excellent service, reliability and value for money.

  • Aussie Road Pilots operate all over Australia 24/7, with Accredited Pilot/Escorts located in every state,

  • With a data base of over 700 Pilots Australia wide, Aussie Road Pilots are able to provide Pilots/Escorts almost anywhere in Australia to suit our customer needs.


Pilot Training

  • Before being engaged by Aussie Road Pilots, pilots are;

    • assessed for their piloting skills, if not up to company standards, then they receive training from our Company Trainer,

    • receive Company Induction

Mine Compliant Vehicles

  • Vehicles used by Aussie Road Pilots are Mine Compliant, 4 x 4's and equipped with Sat Phones



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