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What you need to know about becoming a Pilot/Escort Driver



This page is designed to help those who wish to become a Road Pilot Driver in Australia.   This page is a guide only, for accuracy, please check with the relevant State Authority.


The Road Pilot & Escort Industry is currently going through some major changes and will take a few years to complete these changes.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR or The Regulator) came into effect on the 21st January 2014, their job is to Harmonise the Heavy Transport Industry and that is to bring into line all the regulations in every state who signs up to the agreement.


Currently every State has different requirements for Oversize, Overmass Loads (OSOM) and Accreditation of Pilot/Escort Drivers, this is currently under consideration and a standardised Accreditation System will be put into place in the very near future.



Until this happens, the current state regulations remain in force.   Click on the following link to view the State & Territory requirements 


To view the requirements to becoming a Pilot/Escort Driver, click on your relevant State/Territory for more information

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