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Drivers operating Company Vehicles

Aussie Road pilots provides some pilots with company vehicles.   These pilots are Subcontractors (operate their own business), but the vehicle is owned by ARP.

From time to time positions become available to fill vacant pilot vehicles, to apply for these positions, the following is required;

1.    Minimum 12 months experience as a Level 2 (Vic & Qld) or Accredited WA pilot.   Lesser experienced pilots may be considered if

       prior experience in the transport industry can be proved.

2.    Copy of driving history (offences for Dangerous Driving, Speeding, Drug & Alcohol and previous drivers licence

       cancellation/suspension will be further investigated and refusal of application could be given, depending on the circumstances),

3.    Refusal or cancellation of MV and/or Public Liability Insurances will negate application,

4.    Full name & address,

5.    Copy of drivers licence,

6.    Copy of  Pilot Accreditation,

7.    Pass Drivers Medical (car),

8.    Business/Company ABN ,

9.    registered for GST, and

10.  Sign a Bail Agreement between the pilot and ARP.

What is the deal with ARP's Company Vehicle:

  • ARP takes a percentage of the top for jobs done, this covers;

    • Vehicle Registration​

    • Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance

    • Running Costs such as;

      • Servicing & maintenance,

      • Tyres,

    • normal wear and tare of the vehicle​, and

    • ARP Service Commission.


What you pay for;

  • Diesel,

  • E-Tags,

  • Traffic & parking fines,

  • irresponsible damage to the vehicle

  • $2,400.00 Bond against fines, damage and any other untoward occurrence which is deemed irresponsible.   This Bond is refunded 30 days after engagement has been terminated.

ARP also provides;

  • PPE (such as Hi-vis Work Shirt, trousers, Safety Boots/Runners),

  • Cold Weather Jacket,

  • Head, Eye and Ear Protection,


  • Aussie Road Pilots has a Training Program in place to ensure that Pilots meet the required standards.

  • Pilot/escort Accreditation Training is available to those new to the industry, along with the first application for Pilot/Escort Accreditation, ARP pays up front for the training and accreditation and the Contractor repays the full amount over an agreed period of time.

To apply to drive a Company Vehicle;

  • If you feel that you can meet the requirements in paragraphs 1 - 9, then send send your  resume and details as mentioned to 

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